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AFB Recognition Courses

Rex Baynes, AFB NPMP Manager

We are providing non-DECA holders with the opportunity to attend a course and take the test. This is an essential step to becoming a DECA holder.

To register for these courses or for further information, please get in touch with the Contact Person listed under each course.

Whangarei Saturday 4 October 2014
Contact: Kevin Wallace: President@
Ph (09) 423 8642
Registration Cut-off 17 September 2014
Auckland Saturday 7 June 2014
Contact: Carol Downer:
Ph (09) 376 6376
Registration Cut-off 20 May 2014
Gisborne Saturday 27 September 2014
Contact: Paul Badger:
Ph (06) 868 4785
Registration Cut-off 9 September 2014
New Plymouth Saturday 26 July 2014
Contact: Stephen Black:
Ph (06) 752 6860
Registration Cut-off 10 July 2014
Wellington Bee Club Saturday 24 May 2014
Contact: Contact John Burnet:
Ph (04) 232 7863
Registration Cut-off 11 May 2014
Levin (Otaki Buzz Club) Saturday 7 June 2014
Contact: Andrew Beach:
Ph (04) 904 1634 or
Frances Beech:
Ph (06) 367 2617
Registration Cut-off 20 May 2014
Manawatu Beekeeping Club Saturday 25 October 2014
Contact: Andrew Beach:
Ph (04) 904 1634 or
Frances Beech:
Ph (06) 367 2617
Registration Cut-off 4 October 2014
Masterton Saturday 26 April 2014
Contact: Judi: Ph (06) 378 7632
Napier Saturday 19 July 2014
Contact: Rex Baynes:
Ph (04) 566 0773
Registration Cut-off 2 July 2014
Christchurch Agribusiness Saturday 10 May 2014
Contact: Jeff Chandler:
Ph (03) 741 1994
Registration Cut-off 15 April 2014
Timaru: Agribusiness Training Saturday 8 November 2014
Contact: Phil Sutton:
Ph (03) 686 1513
Registration Cut-off 25 October 2014
Oamaru: Management Agency Saturday 13 September 2014
Contact: Rex Baynes:
Ph (04) 566 0773
Registration Cut-off 27 August 2014
Invercargill: Agribusiness Training December 2014 (Exact date to be confirmed)
Contact: Agribusiness Training 0508 247 428 ext. 1
Registration Cut-off Late November 2014
Cromwell: Central Otago Beekeeping Club Saturday 18 October 2014
Contact: Contact Rex Baynes:
Ph (04) 566 0773
Registration Cut-off 4 October 2014

Important information

The course information highlighted above is what is planned to date and at time of going to print. Should beekeepers who fall outside of the regions mentioned above require a course(s) I am more than willing, given there is reasonable support to organise additional courses. Please email me, Rex Baynes, at with your location details.

If you are planning on attending an AFB Recognition Course, it is strongly recommended that you obtain a copy of the booklet titled Elimination of American Foulbrood Disease without the Use of Drugs, commonly referred to as the’ yellow book’.

This worthwhile publication can be purchased from your local beekeeping supplier OR purchase online from the NBA's website.

AFB Recogition and Competency Test application Form - Click here


Honey Food Safety and RMP Awareness Training

Asurequality has developed this one day course specifically to meet the needs of the honey industry. Whether you are new to the industry or have years of experience, AsureQuality’s Honey Food Safety and RMP Awareness training course will equip you with the up to date knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

What is covered?
  • Food poisoning and food safety
  • Food safety under the Code of Practice for Risk Management Programmes (RMPs)
  • Background to RMPs
  • Food safety and RMP legal obligations
  • Becoming familiar with the COP
  • Understanding OAP & EU OMAR
  • Tutin in Honey Standard
  • Transport of bee products
  • Eligibility Declarations (E-cert)

These courses are industry driven and are scheduled by demand. In house training may accommodate additional delivery times at shorter notice.

For more information on this course including dates and venues, or to register your interest, visit Asurequality's course information page

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