Keeping Bees

How to get started

The most common method is through another beekeeper. Some beekeepers sell hives or four frame nucs. Queen breeders sell queens and nucs.

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Where to situate your bees

Some questions you may like to ask yourself before you start beekeeping are: Does the council permit beekeeping in an urban area? Some have by-laws that allow beekeeping until they become a problem. Will your neighbours object?

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When to get bees

If you’re thinking about keeping bees, October is a great time to start. In October, hives are just starting to expand and early swarms could be issuing.

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Registering your hives

If you keep bees and you live in New Zealand it is a legal requirement that you register your hive(s). Apiary sites must be registered with the Management Agency, through their contractor, AsureQuality Ltd.

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The National Beekeepers' Association of New Zealand